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Saxophone music teachers in Johannesburg
Saxophone Music Lessons in Johannesburg

Learning how to play the saxophone is on many people's bucket lists, it's glamorous, sexy and looks like a lot of fun. Most music genres can benefit from having a saxophone in the band or music group, which makes it an ideal musical instrument to learn to play. We also feature trumpet lessons as part of our brass instruments on offer.Naturally learning to play the saxophone or the trumpet is not going to be fun or easy if you're going to try to teach yourself with a book of using video, it's always going to be easier to learn how to play the saxophone sitting with an experienced music teacher.We have highly qualified teachers that offer lessons in Contemporary and Jazz Saxophone/Trumpet.

Saxophone music lessons start with the basics, you learn all about the different parts of the saxophone, what each part does, and how to handle your saxophone and get the right sound from your saxophone. The experienced music teachers offering saxophone music lessons at Performance Academy will get you up and running in no time. The advantage of having an experienced music teacher showing you how to play the saxophone is that you get instant feedback and direction that can shorten your learning time dramaticaly.

In order to play the saxophone you'll need all the pieces, just to make sure you're ready when you come for your lessons, here's a breakdown of the different parts that make up a saxophone...

  • Mouthpiece
    This is where your lips make contact with the saxophone
  • Ligature
    The ligature holds the reed to the mouthpiece of the saxophone
  • Reed
    The part of the mouthpiece that creates the sound

Our experienced saxophone music teachers will show you how to use a strap and how to hold your saxophone. Finger placement is critical when playing the saxophone and you'll be instructed how best to use your fingers to get the best performance from your saxophone.

One of the best pieces of advice for any aspiring saxophone or any musical instrument in fact is to choose a piece of music to practice and then master that piece, this will make you more confident and ensure that you feel good about your playing ability. Practicing with you music teacher will allow you to get advice on how to fix areas where you might be poor and practice the stuff you're doing right more often.

The Performance Academy offers saxophone music lessons for any level of player from beginning to advanced and anyone in between. To find out more, please fill in the Contact Form below and we'll get one of our saxophone music teachers to assist you from here.

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