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Drums music teachers in Johannesburg
Drums Music Lessons in Johannesburg

There are many types of drums and if you want to learn how to play the drums, you need to know what type of drums there are. If you look at a drum set, you'll notice that there are a few different size and shapes in the drum set, here's what they're all about....

  • Bass Drum
    This is the big drum on the ground, it's called the "bass drum" because this drum makes a very low-pitched booming sound when struck by the mallet which is the weight at the end of the shaft attached to a foot-pedal. Normally the drummer hits this by pushing down with their right foot. Once you get a little more advanced you can even have two of these mallets, one for each foot, this is known as a "double-bass". You'll also notice that some drummers put a pillow inside this drum, this is for dampening the sound, your music teacher will demonstrate this and give you the pros and cons of all these options.
  • Snare drum
    The snare drum is usually located on the left hand side of the drummer and is played with the non-dominant hand of the drummer. The snare drum has a crisp clicking sound with a resonating shuffle sound effect if it is struck directly on the skin.
  • Cymbals
    You can get many types of cymbals in different shapes each giving off a different sound. The cymbal is a round piece metal that make a very metal sound, there are four common types, they are the crash, high-hat, ride, and the splash.
  • Tom-Toms
    The Tom-Toms are the middle drums in a drum kit, most drum kits have the tom-tom drums mounted to the Bass Drum, there's also a floor-tom which offers the deepest sound of the three.

Most people look at drummers and think "that looks easy, I could do that" and that's true, most people can hit a drum, but keeping the beat and tempo of a song takes a lot more skill than just pounding a drum. Having a music teacher sitting with you and helping you learn the basics of playing drums or honing your skills if you've mastered the basics is invaluable.

If you live in or around Johannesburg and are looking for a cool music rehearsal studio where you can get music lessons on how to improve your drum playing then Performance Academy is the place to go, our drum music lessons in Johannesburg will give you the environment you're looking for.

When you're not at the rehearsal studio or getting music lessons in Johannesburg then you should keep practicing the drums, you should get a drum practice pad and spend an hour a day at least practicing on the practice pad, this will help you develop stick control, it's all about muscle memory so the more you practice the muscles used to play drums, the better.

Another drum practice tip that you can do away from the music lesson or music teacher is to practice on a pillow, now most drummers will say that this is not fun because the pillow absorbs each stroke, making it difficult to play, but that's the whole point, it forces you to work a bit harder, and this will develope your stick control even more.

If you want to become a good drummer, then set yourself some goals, find some music you'd like to learn how to play and then talk to your music teacher and work toward your goals, with practice and good instruction you will be playing in a professional band in no time, and remember have fun.

The Performance Academy offers drums lessons for any level of player from beginning to advanced and anyone in between. To find out more, please fill in the Contact Form below and we'll get back to you asap.

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