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Bass guitar music teachers in Johannesburg
Bass Guitar Music Lessons in Johannesburg

In most bands the bass guitarist is in the background, so it seems like it's not as glamorous as the lead guitar, but that's jsut not the case. It also seems to many people that bass is a much more difficult instrument to play and master, although some people look at the bass guitarist and think that it looks so easy. The bass guitar is often the most overlooked musical instrument in a musical group.

Many people don't even know what the bass guitar is and what role it has to play in a band, in fact the bass guitar is one of the most important musical instruments that make up a band. The bass guitar is essential to any good band, or should we say a good bass guitarist is essential to any band. The bass guitar is quite different to the acoustic or lead guitar and requires a different skill set to master.

If you're considering learning how to play the bass guitar then The Performance Academy is the best place to find a music teacher that offers music lessons in Johannesburg for bass guitar players. There's always a big demand in bands for a bass guitarist, especially a good bass guitarist.

A bass guitarist performs two main and vital functions in a band, the bass guitarist provides the rhythmic foundation for the band as well as the harmonic foundation, without these the band will find themselves all over the place, not a pleasant sound. The rhythmic foundation provides a consistent pace for the music, a good bass guitarist provides a steady pulse to the rest of the band, the mark of a good song is a good beat or rhythm, and a good bass guitarist provides this.

If you've made up your mind that you want to play the bass, then you'll need to decide how you're going to learn how to play the bass guitar. If you ask any one who's ever tried learning how to play guitar, they'll all tell you that having an experienced music teacher around makes all the difference and can get you playing quicker than any other form of instruction.

One of the most common questions asked by anyone learning to play the bass guitar, is "where do I put my thumb ?", your bass guitar music teacher will cover this and much more so that you can get on with playing in no time.

When starting out on the bass guitar, learning how to use your index and middle fingers to pluck the strings of a bass is one of the first things you'll need to master, this is where having a real live music teacher giving you music lessons will be invaluable. Remember there are no down-strokes and up-strokes in bass, when you play a note you will be make the note from one of your fingers pulling the string up towards your face.

The Performance Academy offers bass guitar lessons for any level of player from beginning to advanced and anyone in between. To find out more, please fill in the Contact Form below and we'll get back to you asap.

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